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Hours of Operation:
  • Monday - Saturday: 9:30am - 10pm
  • Sunday: Closed
Contact Information:
  • 916 East Main Street
  • League City,   TX   77573
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About Us

Located in the Historic District of League City, El Cubano Cigars is a genuine slice of Cuban culture and hospitality.
El Cubano Cigars are made with 100% Cuban Seed Tobacco and hand-rolled daily in the great State of Texas by master Cuban cigar rollers.

Family Background
In 1904, our family began growing tobacco in the province of Havana Cuba, in a small region known as Tumbadero (approximately 60 km west of the city of Havana). It all started with eight brothers working the plantation, producing about 400 tons of tobacco each year. During the early 1900s, tobacco was not considered a cash crop in Cuba, like it is today. Not until the 1930s, when the demand for tobacco become increasingly great. Today, tobacco is the third largest industry in all of Cuba, behind sugarcane and tourism.

Growing up in Cuba. Manuel Lopez born in 1936 in Havana Cuba. "Ever since I was 10 years old, I can still remember writing on the back of my uncle's horse, through the tobacco fields, inspecting each leaf carefully for bugs and imperfections. Being in the tobacco fields never really felt like work to me. I was around my family all day, which couldn't have made for a better way of growing up. At a young age, my uncle's began teaching me the process of planting, caring and selecting. Not knowingly, grooming me to take over the family business one day. By the time I was 12 years old, I began working in the tobacco fields full-time to help support our family and had to attend school at night. The closest school to the plantation was about 5 miles away and at the time, the only way to get there was by horseback I remember when I was 14 years old I would watch my aunts roll cigars. Over the years, I became fascinated with the craft. At the age of 18 I begin my mentor ship with a Grandmaster roller, teaching me the art I practice today.
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