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In Loving Memory of Laura Miller

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Texas EquuSearch Mounted Search and Recovery Team was started in August 2000 with the purpose to provide Volunteer Horse Mounted Search and Recovery for Lost and Missing persons.  The Team was started in the North Galveston County area because of the high incidence of missing persons in the largely undeveloped area of South Harris and North Galveston Counties.  With this in mind, the team’s existence and purpose is dedicated to the memory of Laura Miller, the daughter of our founding director, Tim Miller. Laura was abducted and murdered in North Galveston County in 1984. Our team is composed of volunteers of various experiences, with many being experienced horse owners.

We currently have approximately 1,175+ members and are growing rapidly.  We are currently available to conduct searches nation and worldwide.  We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which is funded solely by donations.

You will find our organization to be compassionate, dedicated and professional.  We believe that we can better ourselves by working together to help the community and people in need.  Many of our members are trained in various rescue and life saving skills such as CPR, advanced lifesaving skills and field craft.  Our members come from all walks of life, consisting of business owners, medics, firefighters, housewives, electricians, students, former FBI and law enforcement, current law enforcement, former and current U.S. Marshall, Coast Guard and all walks of military, former and current, on our team.  Our resources range from horse and rider teams to foot searchers and ATVs.  We conduct water searches using boats, divers and sonar equipment.  Additionally, we perform air searches using planes, helicopters and small drone airplanes with highly sophisticated cameras.  We use dog teams, consisting of tracking, air scent and cadaver dogs.  We have also utilized infrared and night vision cameras, along with ground penetration units in some of our searches.  Texas EquuSearch has more resources than most law enforcement agencies, which allows law enforcement to conduct their investigation, while Texas EquuSearch conducts organized searches.  This has worked out to be a great working relationship between law enforcement and Texas EquuSearch.  This has also resulted in Texas EquuSearch being contacted by law enforcement agencies across the nation to assist them in their missing person cases.

Texas EquuSearch has been involved in 1,100+ searches in approximately 42 states in the United States, Aruba, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.  Our efforts have proven successful with returning over 300 missing people home to their families safely, many of which would have been deceased.  Texas EquuSearch is responsible for recovering the remains of 103 missing loved ones, bringing closure to many families.  Many of the 103 cases have resulted in criminal cases.  At no time during any of the searches was evidence compromised by Texas EquuSearch.  Therefore, the suspect(s) were brought to justice resulting in convictions.  Additionally, Mr. Miller has been involved in several murder trials.

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