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How the shade is made
Gulf Coast Palapas
      How the shade is made
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3003 Hwy 146
Bacliff,   TX   77518

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  Phone:  832-282-2740  
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At Gulf Coast Palapas our crews have 25 years of experience designing and building Palapas to perfection. It is not only their profession, but part of their culture as well.
We are licensed, bonded and insured. With our experience and expertise in the Palapa process we know what’s right and wrong in making a long lasting Palapa structure. Our superior quality and unsurpassed service has set us where we are today.
Residential or Commercial, we will build you the best Palapa, Tiki Hut on the market. We are family owned and operated NO sub-contractors. At Gulf Coast Palapas and Deck Builders and Tiki Huts we bring you top Quality and Value, with personalized Service matched by no other. We are Texas' premier Palapa & Tiki Hut builder.
Your Tiki Hut will be built using top grade Cedar wood. The thatch roof will be done using the full sable palm fronds. Tiki Hut thatch roofs are wind and rain resistant and allow
hot air to escape providing cool shade. Even with the extreme Texas weather your thatch roof could last 8-12 years.
Palapas are the ultimate gathering spot to relax and entertain with family and friends. Our Tiki Huts are customized to meet all your needs. So please browse our photo gallery to get some ideas, dream a little, then give us a call to help you create that tropical atmosphere in your backyard.
We have helped many restaurants realize the casual paradise atmosphere they have sought with our Palapa structures, as well as transforming many backyards into the ultimate tropical paradise. Give us a call, fill out our online form or send us an email today!


Q: What type of wood is used to construct the Palapa?
A: Main construction is Cedar with some pine.

Q: What kind of maintence is required?
A: No maintance is required. Palms are good for 10-12 years. We also retop for a low cost.

Q: How well does the Palapa hold up in the wind?
A: The Palapa is rated for 120 mph. The wind flows through unlike, a metal or canvas structure, the palapa is hand-constructed one palm at a time.

Q: Do you have Palapa to cover a Tiki Bar, grill, patio, or decking? (pic of palapa covering one of the items listed)
A: Yes, we customize and build palapas to cover any area.

Q: Can I Install a Palapa in an existing concrete patio or dool deck?
A: Yes. Depending on design of Palapa, we secure with a heavy metal plate which bolts through the deck to the main support.

Q: Are the Installers Insured?
A: Yes.Gulf Coast Palapas and Deck Builders. carries both liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

Q: Do you offer Fire Retardant on the Palapas?
A: Yes. We do offer fire retardant in both exterior and interior applications. A fire certificate will be issued.

Q: Do you offer a synthetic thatch option?
A: Yes. We are proud to offer the best synthetic thatch on the market. Click HERE for more info.


Monday - Saturday: 7:00am - 7:00pm
Closed: Sunday

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