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About Us

CCEF Fulfills a Need
The entire community benefits from public education, but tax and bond dollars are not enough to assure success for Clear Creek Independent School District’s teachers and students.

Our current economic times present significant funding issues for local school districts. The state has drastically reduced its share of funding for public education, with a direct $17.5 million cut to CCISD’s budget in 2011. Without those dollars and an additional 700 students joining CCISD each year, it is more important than ever for the Clear Creek Education Foundation to provide additional resources to help meet the increasing demands of educating our children.

Our CCISD schools need additional support:

Tax dollars fund the minimum and basics for public education.
Bond dollars fund needed facility upgrades and repairs.
Donations to CCEF enrich education through hands-on, real-world experiences within the classroom.
Support for Clear Creek Independent School District’s teachers and students require participation from everyone in the 13 municipalities and two counties the district serves.

Let’s Make a Difference Together
There are a variety of ways to contribute to the Clear Creek Education Foundation:

Annual campaign donations
Sponsorships for Foundation annual events, including our annual Fashion Show and Gala
In-kind contributions
Planned giving
Memorial gifts and honorariums
Matched giving by your employer
Your time and service
A high-performing school district is a community point of pride and makes our community more attractive to current and potential businesses and home buyers.

An investment in education is an investment in our community with visible benefits both now and in the future. Immediately, you can see your donation at work through grants. Ultimately, your investment enhances our local workforce and their capabilities.

Monetary and in-kind contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible and may be designated for specific academic programs.
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