April Ranard, CHLC - Drops of Health Wellness Center

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  • 1322 Space Park Dr.
  • Suite C-105F
  • Houston,   TX
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About Us

Supporting Men and Women through all the seasons in life & Children from birth to adult. Specializing in Managing Stress, Essential Oils, Nutrition, Detoxing and so much more!

It is my passion and purpose in life to educate individuals and families about nutritional deficiencies, root causes, whole food supplementation designed for you, detoxing, essential oils, natural/functional/alternative health and stress management. It is my desire to create a space in your life that supports health and wellness through programs designed for your unique situation.
I believe the body was designed and created to heal itself with the right tools. My approach is to look at the "whole body" for answers, not just at the symptoms. In looking at the whole body we also must include looking at our home dynamics, careers and workplaces. Together we can create a plan that supports your body's ability to overcome life's challenges and live each day to the fullest with peace, purpose and happiness!
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