Atom Smasher joins Vinyl Draught Radio line up

By: Press Release
| Published 01/30/2018


Longtime Houston radio favorite Atom Smasher is bringing the Atom Smasher Show to Clear Lake. After more than 20 years on FM Radio, Atom Smasher is making to move to digital. Clear Lake based Vinyl Draught Radio is bringing Smasher on to handle afternoon drive on Wednesdays and Fridays, starting Februaary 2nd. "We are really excited to be able to bring what Atom does to what we're doing. He's a total pro. He has never been anything but a pleasure to work with" said station Co Founder and President Doug Meisinger. Smasher who has a long history in Texas radio, will also be adding his Bad Daditue podcast to the station's roster. Co Founder and CEO Bertrand McHenry added "Atom is going to be Atom and that's exactly what we want. Bad Daditude will air late, as some of the language dictates a late time slot. The afternoon show will be edgy, but we don't think he'll cross too many lines."

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