The Fabulous Hope Lounge Casino

By: Bree Bazan
| Published 06/25/2018


Pull out your wallets, ladies and gents, and get ready for a night unlike any other! Brought to you by Ron Carter Cadillac, The Foundation for Hope Village is hosting a Hope Lounge Casino Gala to be held at the Hope Village Ballroom on August 18th! I met with Kat Clemons today to learn more. Clemons is the Director of Community Development for Hope Village, and the woman behind this grand event. She described the theme to me as “Vintage Vegas,” clearly enthused with the idea of bringing to life a casino right here in Clear Lake. The event will have black jack, poker, craps, and roulette! With whiskey and bourbon tasting, cigars from El Cubano sponsored by AMOCO Federal Credit Union, dart board poker and shots roulette.

The event is a annual gala hosted for Hope Village and all proceeds go directly to the foundation. This year is the foundation’s 51st year anniversary, last year being it’s 50th, the event was going to be the Golden Age of Hollywood to mark the golden age. However it was unfortunately cancelled due to Hurricane Harvey, the event was sure to create a crowd!

If you don’t already know, the Foundation for Hope Village is a nonprofit organization that offers affordable care for people with developmental or intellectual disabilities. It helps people live their lives and have the best kind of care to help them have a fuller life with more opportunities. Hope Village enables them to have a life that gives them a sort of independence, while they can also receive the care they need. The villagers are given enough freedom to have a full and balanced life, while they also complete chores and duties around the village and can even work for the cafe they have right inside their community.

If you are interested in this amazing foundation and event you can purchase a ticket at for $125. This will include admission to the event as well as a steak dinner, signature cocktails, and all of the fun that comes with a night at the casino. Or if you’d like to help even further you can get involved with either the event, the foundation, or both! You can choose to sponsor the event with a table or donate auction items, if that appeals to you, then you can find more information on the above website or you can email Clemons directly at If you are looking to volunteer with them then you can go directly to their office, where you can find the address online.