Review - Marvel Universe Live

By: Bree Bazan
| Published 07/16/2018

Come one, come all to the exciting and, shall I say, marvelous Marvel Universe LIVE!
Think of Disney on Ice but forget the ice and replace the singing princesses with
intergalactic, crime-fighting superheroes. The show is called Age of Heroes and it
includes all of your favorites, like Iron Man, Captain America, AND a special
appearance by the Guardians of the Galaxy who happen to cross paths with our heroes
of Midgard (Earth).
I went this past weekend to see the show, and it was so much more than I had
previously anticipated. I thought at worst it would include a poorly thought out storyline,
with an unchanging scenery and flickering lights. However, I realized my mistake once
the performance had started, there was a large screen behind the setup that really
helped the audience understand what we were meant to see, along with a base for
everything to take place upon that changed between scenes. Every aspect of the
production was carefully choreographed and wonderful! The actors took advantage of
what space they had, and made it feel much bigger with everything they did. The show
had it all, from beautiful and enchanting aerial dances, to large and intense fire dancing,
to insane stunts on motorbike that I definitely would not have thought possible or real
had I not seen it with my own two eyes.
The show follows our heroes as they attempt to stop Loki, the Asgardian-raised Frost
Giant and brother to Thor, who is trying to steal a wand capable of destroying the
universe! They must follow him and fight his army of Chitauri on our world and others,
with scenes ranging from China to the inside of an active volcano! Whether our heroes
can stop him and save the universe is something you’ll have to find out for yourself!
Tickets for the wonderful show are still on sale and the live show will be playing in
Houston until July 22.
If you find yourself with the opportunity to see this amazing show, I strongly urge you to
take it. The show is perfect for all ages, made so that even kids can enjoy it without
being frightened, but not so slow that the adults and teens can’t enjoy it just as much as
the other Marvel movies. If the promise of seeing your favorite superheroes isn’t enough
for you, though, maybe the idea of an entirely new and original comic will be! The
performance, like many others, sells plenty of merchandise relating to Marvel, the most
unique of these items, however, is a comic book that can only be purchased at the
show, that Marvel cannot print again. Meaning, once the tour is over, the comic is gone,
and I’m sure there are many collectors’ who will want to get their hands on it!
I encourage all to make their way to downtown Houston this weekend and attempt to
get their hands on some tickets. You will not regret it!