10 Questions with Emily Krone

By: Clear Lake Today | Published 11/18/2019


1. What's your full name?
Emily Taylor Krone

2. What do you do?
I'm an attorney practicing commercial real estate, finance, corporate and compliance law.

3. What do you love the most about living/working in Clear Lake?
I love our schools and the camaraderie in our business and nonprofit communities.

4. What's your most embarrassing moment?
There are too many that are all highly embarrassing. I can't think of one because I've just become numb to embarrassing myself. 

5. What was your worst injury?
I've never had one major injury, but collectively I've had 4 broken toes. 

6. What's your all-time favorite book, movie and TV show?
Book: The Hours.
Movie: The Fifth Element.
TV Show: Leftovers.

7. What would others say is the most annoying thing about you?
Probably that I can be flaky. I make promises to be places or do things and I don't always keep those promises. Ugh, I'm awful. I always have good intentions though!

8. If you could live anywhere (besides CL of course) where would it be?
Munich, Germany. 

9. What's your guilty pleasure?
Eating out too much. I love food!

10. What would I find if I looked in your refrigerator?
Milk, fruit, yogurt and lunchables for my son. Leftovers from eating out and Sprite Zero for me.

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