10 Questions with Jan Laman

By: Clear Lake Today | Published 12/03/2019


1. What's your full name?  
Jan Marie Laman

2. What do you do? 
Insurance Agency Owner

3. What do you love the most about living/working in Clear Lake? 
Above all else………..the people.

4. What's your most embarrassing moment? 
Walking out of a public restroom with the back of my dress tucked in my panty hose.  OMG !!

5. What was your worst injury? 
Without a doubt………multiple ankle sprains over a period of about a year.

6. What's your all-time favorite book, movie and TV show? 
Memoirs of a Geisha…..Love Actually (don’t laugh)…..X-Files ( I want to believe !! )

7. What would others say is the most annoying thing about you? 
I say “sorry” a lot.

8. If you could live anywhere (besides CL of course) where would it be?  
League City….LOL

9. What's your guilty pleasure? 

10. What would I find if I looked in your refrigerator? 
A lot of pre-made meals prepared for me by my AWESOME husband…..  Oh and BACON !!

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