Bay Area Alliance For Youth & Families

Hours of Operation:
  • Monday - Friday 8am-5pm
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About Us

Who is Bay Area Alliance?

We’re a community coalition made up of youth and adults speaking and acting to bring about a healthier community by:

  • Organizing a community effort that includes businesses, law enforcement, schools, youth serving organizations, parents, the faith community, healthcare agencies, civic organizations, cities, the media, and others to address underage drinking and other drug use;

  • Increasing community awareness of substance abuse concerns and the resources that are available to address these concerns;

  • Decreasing access to alcohol and prescription drugs in the home, school, and community environments; and

  • Changing community norms by encouraging and supporting parents who provide a no-use message for their youth.

Members play a very important role at the Bay Area Alliance.  We appreciate member support in helping to find effective solutions that combat underage drinking and drug use.  With continued member involvement, we move closer to eliminating the negative impact that drugs have on our community.

Members are invited to attend monthly General Meetings (generally the 4th Thursday of each month) at the Webster Civic Center, 311 Pennsylvania Ave.  Meetings are held from 11:30-12:30 with lunch provided.  The Alliance also works to secure speakers on a variety of topics which help bring together our community.

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