Massage for Fibromyalgia Leads to a More Pain Free Life

By: Leia McCumber
| Published 01/22/2014


CLEAR LAKE CITY, Texas -- My mother has Fibromyalgia. She suffers daily with chronic, widespread muscle pain, a bad memory, loss of focus, depression, trouble sleeping, IBS, and more. Some people still don't believe her when she says she has Fibro. Doctors offer pain killers and nothing more. She can barely keep going to work.

I saw my mom in this horrible pain, and decided I wanted to help. As a massage therapist, I knew there was something I could do. I took courses in the subject and learned all I could.

It is still unknown what exactly causes Fibro, but it seems to be triggered by trauma (sugery, a car accident, etc) and it seems the people who suffer from it have more pain receptors in their body than the rest of us, causing them to feel more pain in general. There are certain trigger points on their body that hurt more than others, but it is often a wide spread pain and weakness in the muscles of the body. Nothing seems to help this condition, as it is still so misunderstood.

I started specializing in Fibro massage in 2008. Since then, I have helped many patients cut their pain meds in half, or completely stop using them. I have helped them get back to work and back to exercise. They are living more pain free lives, and I am thankful I can help. But, you can't just go to any massage therapist and expect these results. Fibro is a very sensitive condition, and a massage therapist who isn't specially educated in the field will most likely end up making the patient feel worse. Make sure you find a therapist who specializes in Fibro massage before you try this treatment. Call DreamCatcher Massage and Spa or visit the website link provided.

Start living a more pain free life today! I can help stop the pain, and manage the condition.