A First-Year Teacher Returns Home

By: Sydney Hunt
| Published 09/22/2021


LEAGUE CITY, TX -- In 2003, Maria Carbajal was beginning her Kindergarten year at Falcon Pass Elementary in Clear Creek ISD. Now, she is beginning her first year as a teacher at the same place. It's a dream nearly 20 years in the making.

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“I am so excited to have kids that get to come in and I get to be their teacher,” said Carbajal, who started as a Kindergarten teacher this August. “That was the top of my list–getting to be the teacher I always wanted to be and to impact those students.”

It’s her love of learning that has inspired her to become an educator. She wants to pass along that same passion to her students.

“I am ready to grow with these kids just as much a they are ready to grow coming in this year,” she said. “I just want them to know that they have someone here.”

She is now working alongside some of the teachers who taught her and is thankful to be receiving help from those she admires most.

“Seeing Maria step into that role and knowing what’s in her heart and that she is ready to share that with her kids, that excites me,” said Falcon Pass Principal Monica Giuffre.