CCISD Introducing Flexible Scheduling for High Schools

By: Sydney Hunt
| Published 02/22/2022


LEAGUE CITY, TX -- The Clear Creek Independent School District is introducing a new off-campus learning opportunity for high school students for the 2022-2023 school year.

Flexible scheduling is now being offered for a variety of courses at each grade level. Students can choose to sign up for these computer-based courses for either their first period or seventh period of the school day. Students who participate will need to have transportation to or from school if they choose this option.

“We understand our students and families have a variety of needs, so we are trying to meet the individualized learning requests of our students,” said Dava West, director of counseling and student services. “Students can choose to focus on what they need during that period, whether it is other schoolwork or even choosing to wake up a little later if that works for their schedule.”

The flexible courses being offered include World Geography, Personal Financial Literacy, English 4, Psychology, Government and Economics. All classes will be taught by a certified District teacher through CCISD curriculum and count towards a student’s GPA.

“There will have to be a certain number of students who sign up for the flexible scheduling class on their campus for it to be offered next year,” said West. “We encourage students to give it a try to see if they would be successful through this option. They will also have the option to transfer back to the on-campus class if they find the flex scheduling is not working for them.”

Online learning is not new in CCISD. Prior to virtual learning during COVID-19, the District offered opportunities through Clear Access for students to get ahead or recover credits, and also through the Dual Credit courses with CCISD’s local community colleges.

Students should contact their high school counselor if they need more information on flexible scheduling. Course selection ends on Wednesday, February 23. Visit